Workshop / Training

Biodynamic rebalancing helps people come back into natural balance with their physical, mental, and spiritual compounds so they can again blissfully enjoy their essential unity of body, mind and soul.

It is for those who wish to better understand the magic, wisdom, and mysteries of the body, as well as the physical and emotional holding patterns that keep us from enjoying a natural, balanced life. It is for everyone who is genuinely interested in transformative bodywork and especially for those who would like to make it a profession and become a practitioner.

I teach the art of deep Myo fascial release through deep connective tissue strokes, Joint-mobilization techniques (Tragering), assisted yoga stretches of Ayurvedic/Thai origin, and breath work.

In a training, (or course), students practise and experience session exchanges with each other.

Through professional guidance and coaching, students develop a much closer relationship with their own body and gain the necessary skills to work successfully with other people and their needs.

Training subjects:

  • centering and grounding techniques.
  • opening to deeper and fuller breath.
  • presence through sensitivity of touch (conscious touch).
  • Myo-fascial massage stroke techniques – how to gain the most effect with the least effort.
  • joint-mobilization (tragering).
  • assisted yoga stretches.
  • using your body as a healing instument.
  • working on the extrinsic and intrinsic muscles (core muscles).
  • working with pain (bad backs, stiff necks, aching joints etc.
  • relatedness of physical & psychological/emotional/traumatic holding patterns and their release.
  • form and presence: “being in your ‘hara’ center”, and using your session as a meditation for you and your client.
  • creating a session according to your client’s primary needs.
  • body-reading and intuition.
  • communication skills : meeting a client / how to relate verbally with your client in the most effective and understanding way.
  • Integrating deep tissue work with gentle rocking, rolling movements, and assisted stretches.

Benefits of participation:

  • for those who are interested in a professional career.
  • for those who like to begin exploring ‘conscious touch’ and skill full massage.
  • masseurs, bodyworkers, therapists, trainers, wishing to expand their understanding and widen their experience.
  • development of your intuition and body awareness.
  • anyone wishing to understand pain and stress in the body-mind structure and to learn the techniques of releasing/transforming them.

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  • “Learning Bio Dynamic Rebalancing from Rasal has been a very intense and powerful experience. Rasal has a wonderful approach of teaching the art and knack in a way which is very simple to follow, and this helped me to cultivate my awareness and meditation while touching bodies deeply. Having no prior experience in massage and touching, I was pleasantly astonished the way this work has unfolded for me. Rasal has not only shared bodywork but also a great deal of insights in meditation which inspire me to understand more and share my love through touching. Rasal is a very non serious trainer and makes every moment in the training light and lovely. Instead of forcing participants to follow his tradition he encourages everyone to innovate and grow. Being very spontaneous and sharing the best of his experiences, he lovingly takes the participants on a journey of creativity and health. I would highly recommend his trainings to every individual interested in health and spiritual growth.”  – Floyd D’Silva


  • “Rasal’s Bio Dynamic Rebalancing course not only leaves you with a skill that is both beautiful and valuable, it also provides an experience which is fun, profound and life affirming. I can’t recommend it highly enough, it is worth every penny.” – Rory Higham
  • “Rasaljis spirit and knowledge is amazing, my body melted completely into the received body work. Deeply healing, highly recommend ♥️ thanks a lot!”   – Rike Breyer
  • “I thought i was just coming for a massage training… One more Rebalancing training is over. Every time it feels like I know it all already. And every time it goes deeper and deeper, once again crushing all the ideas I had of myself, digging out memories, feelings and energies I didn’t even know I was carrying… Watching other people’s masks and armour break and fall off, giving space to very raw, fragile and vulnerable beings to emerge and see the daylight after many years in the jail of endless expectations, projections and conditioning. How to live with all these discoveries? How to accept, love and heal all those wounds and shadows, that decided to show up? How to make first steps without these concrete walls of life-long defence mechanisms? How to break free from all this? How to be???? Like the birth of a child, it is not always a ‘pretty’ and painless sight. But just like in birth, I keep reminding myself that all this ‘mess’ is part of the miracle of life unfolding in front of my eyes. Thank you, Rasalji Antar, for holding this space for us so beautifully, for midwifing each and every one of us with so much patience, wisdom and love… Now, time to rest, let those wet, raw wings dry in the sun, spread them wide, and fly high!!! Love you, beautiful beings! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

P.S. Oh, forgot to mention, I’m talking here about ‘just’ a massage training, So in addition to this hell of a journey deep within, you walk out of the training as a new born bodyworker/ massage therapist.”                        Ludmila Shepina (5 times assistant)

  • “Wonderful experience of our temple called body.” – John Britto