A Bio Dynamic Rebalancing session is a deeply relaxing, and rejuvenating experience for your body and soul. Enjoying an altered state of consciousness and wellbeing are only few aspects that one feels during and after a session..

More possible benefits:

  • general stress reduction,
  • dissolve of Myo fascial/muscular spasm, contractions and toxins,
  • relief from chronic pain (back, knee, neck, migraine, sciatica)
    greater freedom of movement,
  • more vitality, energy, strength and resilience,
  • regained sense of wholeness, wellness, feeling more ‘at home” in the body,
  • feeling more grounded, centered, connected,
  • integration of core muscles in various physical performances,
  • enhanced functioning of the visceral organs,
  • deeper sleep, improved blood circulation / restored energy flow,
  • a possible discharge of old physical/psychological holding patterns or habits,
  • possible release of withheld emotions or trauma,
  • better alignment, (more upright/straight body posture).
    more clarity, more body-awareness.