Bio Dynamic Rebalancing massage training

May 21, 2021 @ 9:30 am – June 1, 2021 @ 4:15 pm
Osho Afroz
Eressos Lesvos
Whatsup +306984976375

Exqiusite bodywork massage training consisting mainly of Core Integration, Rolfing, Rebalancing, Joint- mobilisation (Tragering) techniques, and assisted Yoga stretches of Thai/Ayurvedic origin.
The great art of deep conscious touch & Myo fascial release massage developed by Osho in the early 80-ties and since then sophisticated by world famous therapists.
With great delight and wonder you will learn and experience the amazingly sublime techniques to release Myo fascial contractions and energy blocks in the physical body, therefore re-aligning the body posture, and release holding patterns from the psychological or conditioned mind.
This training is for every being who wishes to grow more love and consciousness through the wisdom of the body, simultaneously learning basic methods to offer exquisite and effective massage sessions.
It’s a great opportunity as well for every body health-oriented, (e.g Yoga) practitioner/therapist to expand ones understanding and skills.

An auspicious/unique chance to re-align your Myo-fascial structure to its full length and balance, and to regain the forgotten language of conscious, skill full touch.

After receiving a certificate of participation/completion you’ll be able to create Rebalancing massage sessions in a professional and effective way.

“Your body is the doorway to the ultimate, your body is very wise, it has lived millions of years.. the mind is a very late arrival. Begin with the body and go beyond”..     


Important notes and what to bring during the course:
  • practice consists of session exchanges with different models (students) every day.
  • sessions are received in under garment, for men, no tight boxer underpants or shorts (because we also work the glutes, hamstrings, and hip flexors)  (For women bring bikini’s or bra’s that can be opened at the back easily, (because we work the whole bare back, and of course sheets will be available as well).
  • all session materials: massage tables, oil, workbook and digital session outlines are provided (but bring a USB stick (or external storage drive) of minimum 8 or 16 GB).
  • bring loose clothing and a medium size towel.
  • ultra short finger nails are essential. (we have nail clippers and nail files but you can bring your own.)
  • language is in English with some individual translation if needed.


Main training subjects:

  • Conscious touch techniques.
  • Deep Myo fascial strokes and pressure points.
  • Joint mobilisation (Joint-release / Tragering).
  • Assisted yoga stretches.
  • Breath and grounding techniques.
  • Using your body as a healing instrument and how to gain the most effect with the least effort.
  • Learning the art of receiving.
  • How to be and stay with yourself whilst creating a session.
  • Body-reading and intuition.
  • Working on the extrinsic and intrinsic musculature, myo fascia and their relatedness.
  • Understanding the deep inter connection of myo-fascial/psychological/emotional/traumatic holding patterns and their release.
  • Working with pain (bad backs, stiff necks, aching joints etc.)
  • Meeting a client: how to relate verbally with people in the most effective and understanding way.


Daily timings: 9.15 – 17.15 (100 min’s lunch break)

“From the head to the heart.. from the heart to the being”