F  or everyone interested in Bio Dynamic Massage, Rebalancing – Core Integration, providing an in-depth experience and balance of body, soul, and psyche, I use a broad number of massage techniques to increase body awareness and release the Myo-fascial layers, its holding patterns and energy-blocks.

Bio Dynamic Massage bodywork is a therapeutic and meditative way of deep touch, consisting of gentle, precise massage strokes combined with deep tissue strokes (structural integration techniques), Joint release techniques (Tragering), and assisted Yoga stretches.

Balance is essential in all aspects of life and Bio Dynamic bodywork aims to restore the body’s natural balance by improving the vertical connection of the main body parts: head, shoulders, chest, pelvis and legs. Poor vertical connection is one of the main reasons for chronic pain and stress in the body-mind complex. A body in balance brings the experience of relaxation, wellness and aliveness.

Besides the structural integration techniques and assisted Yoga stretches, Bio Dynamic Rebalancing also uses popular and well established techniques & insights from Postural Integration (Jack Painter), Ida Rolf, Milton Trager, Wilhelm Reich, Bio Energetics (Alexander Lowen), Peter Levine, Shiatsu, and Cranio Sacral therapy.


oshoBio Dynamic Rebalancing originates from Osho Rebalancing.

The name ‘Osho’ refers to a world famous Indian Mystic who taught and shared between 1962 and 1990 his outstanding wisdom and enlightenment into the core truths of life, love, and meditation.

After roaming India, U.S, Greece, and Uruguay, being a self realized Sufi, Tantra, and Zen mystic, Osho later (1986) got back to his famous ashram/mystery school in Pune, India. (Nowadays the Osho Meditation Resort)

During the mid 70’s when many seekers, among them therapists, healers, dancers from different back grounds visited the Ashram, Osho founded “Rebalancing” which under his guidance grew to be perhaps the most thorough and decent therapeutic, spiritual bodywork practised on such a large scale worldwide.

Bio Dynamic Bodywork is for everyone who wants to understand the wisdom of one’s own body, and to release myo fascial blocks/holding patterns that undermines one’s natural porential to live a glorious and joyous life. It is for those who wish to experience a healthier body, more freedom, more energy, more aliveness & strength, and inner peace.


  • reduced stress, resolve of muscular / mental / psychological tension.
  • profound unwinded relaxation.
  • greater freedom of movement.
  • re-gained sense of wholeness, feeling ‘at home’ in the body.
  • relief from chronic pain (back, knee, neck, migraine, sciatica).
  • a let go of old physical – psychological holding patterns & habits.
  • integration of core muscles in various physical performances.
  • enhanced functioning of the visceral organs.
  • calmer, deeper sleep.
  • improved blood circulation / restored energy flow.
  • deeper understanding of how body and psyche are interwoven.
  • possible release of withheld emotions or trauma.
  • improved alignment and body posture. more clarity, grounding, self confidence and self-love.

About Rasal

Since childhood i didn’t quite fit into any educational system, so by age 16, I left my parents home, experimented with alternative lifestyles, and soon after began exploring my life & the world by travelling. During a long journey through India through a mysterious ‘divine’ inter action in 1978/79 I discovered the Indian mystic Osho and found my whole being resonating with Him and His powerful logical message of truth. Finally in 1985 I moved to his commune in Pune where I immersed myself deeply in various meditation techniques and de-conditioning therapy groups.

I am fascinated beyond measure with this ‘mysterious manifested love energy’ condensed in this “body-mind-heart” phenomenon known as “the human body”, the temple of our soul. Our body is a micro-cosmos in itself, and its capacities to balance and heal itself are beyond comprehension. I consider myself gifted and fortunate to be able to support and assist people on their life journey towards optimal health, the awakening of love & consciousness, and perhaps inshallah finally towards enlightenment and ultimate freedom.